MNL48 Ikaw Ang Melody Music Card

MNL48 Ikaw Ang Melody Music Card

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The newest single of MNL48 is finally here!

MNL48 presents its 4th Single, “Ikaw Ang Melody” featuring MNL48 Aly as the new Center and new Senbatsu lineup chosen from the Second General Election.

Make it more exciting as we give you a new digital format to their single, MNL48 Ikaw Ang Melody Music Card. Collect all 16 Senbatsu Music Cards with your chosen Oshi!

Enjoy the tracks from their 4th Single:

1. Ikaw ang Melody (MNL48 Senbatsu)
2. Gingham Check (MNL48 Under girls)
3. So long! (MNL48 Senbatsu)
4. Ikaw ang Melody (instrumental)
5. Gingham Check (instrumental)
6. So long! (Instrumental)

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